Stark 45

You can use stark 45 with different deck options. Example: Passenger boat, diving boat, party boat etc. Boat passenger capacity 28 persons. You can choose any propulsion system: stern drive, a shaft system, jet drive. If you choose shaft drive, the gearbox can be IV drive. You can get 35kn maximum speed with twin 400Hp diesel or gasoline engines. The full weight of the boat is 12 tons. Fuel tank capacity of 1000 liters. The boat has a good ladder design. So you can easily be boarding of passengers landing. Stark 45 made fiberglass with hand laying method. Stark 45 suitable for commercial use.By request, you can choose private use. Anyone for use diving can make 2 or 3 times trip a day. If requested service area can possible on deck. There is toilet area under the console. Boat sight angle is very high. There is CE certified. Also, you can choose Loyd registered of any country. If all passenger goes to one side, boat turns just 9 degrees. Boat stability more powerful. The boat has a monohull with deep V. Manufacturer of stark 45 in turkey. But wherever you can order this boat.
Extra information:
A dive boat is a boat that recreational divers or professional scuba divers use to reach a dive site which they could not conveniently reach by swimming from the shore. Dive boats may be propelled by wind or muscle, but are usually powered by internal combustion engines.
Basic marine safety equipment:
• marine VHF radio
• small craft emergency equipment – life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers and other equipment according to the size and operating range of the boat
Diving safety equipment:
• oxygen first aid equipment
• diving shot
• a signal flag to indicate that divers are in the water.
On larger boats additional diving support facilities may also be present:
• High-pressure diving air compressor
• gas blending panel
• recompression chamber
• chase boat, or tender, to recover divers who surface away from the anchored vessel
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